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5 Ways to Prioritize Self-Care Amid Social Angst

 Photo by Taryn Elliott

It’s difficult to continue to read the same words recycled time and time again as we “navigate” and “cope” during uncertainty. It is necessary to prioritize intentional time with yourself and taking time to fully unplug and relax, however that looks for you. 

Did You Know Self-Care Can be a Form of Activism?

Typically, we see activism as an outward action often in service for others or for a specific cause. However, taking time to connect with your soul and care for your mental and physical wellbeing can also be a form of personal activism amid intense capitalist time-structures and social angst. It is vital we prioritize self-care during times of heightened stress and tension, especially in a digital world where there is so much information coming to us at once. Here are some ideas for keeping yourself and self-care time a priority in order to help you achieve and maintain balance. 

Self-care will look different for everyone, especially when outside pressures are influencing the amount of time and energy we are pouring into ourselves. Remember to give yourself the credit for taking both the initiative and time to take care of yourself. Finding what works for you is the beauty and best way to create deeply nourishing self-care routines or rituals. Check out our 5 of our favorite ways to check-in with self amid social angst:

Woman relaxing with her dog.Photo by Vlada Karpovich
1. Take Time to Logout and Unplug

It is vital for us to be mindful of the content, and the amount, we are consuming. Allotting time for rest and relaxation away from social media is equally important as time spent learning and educating ourselves and those around us on what is going on in the world. You will not be an efficient learner or ally if you are not allowing yourself the necessary breaks. 

Woman in the tub taking a bubble bath.Photo by Cottonbro Studio 
2. Bring the Spa to your Home 

A plus about creating a self-care routine is that you get to personalize your experience and space exactly how you want. Set the mood and scene with your favorite scents- (we love the calming and clean linen-esque scent of Himalayan Bamboo), favorite incense, and essential oils. Treat yourself to a hair mask, like Beas Bayou Scalp Mask–or a sugar scrub, like our Soothing Sugar Scrub, while you listen to your favorite music, show, podcast, or movie. Allow yourself to slow down and enjoy your own company. If you’re in need of a playlist, we got you! Check out our specially curated Founder’s Playlist on SoundCloud. 

Woman sitting at desk writing in journal.Photo by Los Muertos Crew 
3. Write Out What You are Needing Right Now

Get your feelings off your heart and onto paper. Sometimes, when we are overwhelmed we may not know exactly what it is that will help us feel better and rejuvenated. Taking a pen and paper sometimes helps to guide us in identifying issues that may be on our minds or helping bring to our attention some emotions that need more exploring. A huge part of self-care is taking the time to truly explore those emotional needs to make helpful plans of action. Some of our favorite journals and/or planners are from Manifest Your Purpose.

Woman stretching near window.Photo by Andrea Piacquadio 
4. Movement 

Whether this is stretching, dancing around your kitchen, or going on nature walks it is in your best interest for your physical, mental, and spiritual health to keep yourself in movement and flow. Dedicate to giving yourself at least an hour a day of some form of exercise. Once you have incorporated these practices into your daily routine, you will notice the difference if you were to discontinue. Both your body and mind will thank you for this opportunity to connect, strengthen, and grow.  

Hands holding each other, forming community.Photo by Tim Samuel
5. Extend Grace and Patience to Yourself Others  

Simultaneously to social unrest and conflict, many individuals additionally have to battle their own personal battles. Community will be more important than ever during these times, and being able to take care of yourself will be that vital step to be able to contribute on a larger scale to promote community building. In short, the collective effort is imperative, yes, but it still begins with you. Take care of you, do what you must, and look out for one another. 

Considering these 5 actions, taking time for self-care is not as daunting as it may seem. In current and seemingly extended times of global oppression, it is even more vital that you allow yourself space and time for all of your sensory functions to be relaxed and nourished. If you try any of the steps, products, or links from this article, let us know how they worked out for your self-care experience. Until next time, be well & decadent!

About the Author

Nachelle Profic is a Contributing Writer for Odelia, Marie, & Patrice and a recent college graduate with an interest in self-care, social media management, and marketing. Nachelle can be reached at: Nachelle@OMandPatrice.com.

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