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OMandP Blog

  • The OMandP Origin Story

      I started Odelia, Marie, & Patrice during a particularly stressful time in my career as a professor. In my academic career, I was an advocat...
  • Moments with Self 🖤

    I created OMandP as a tool to promote deep healing and moments—sans environmental impact. So it’s a pleasure for me to share the creations I’ve made to help foster these tender moments with self. 🖤
  • A Vendor Helping Vendors

    A Candle Collaboration Turned Vendor Aid Fund Candace Parrish, Ph.D. (Founder of OMandP) and Mary Wolfe (Edenton Farmer's Market President) holdin...
  • The Entrepreneurial Inspiration of Joyce Marie

    An Journal Excerpt from Candace Patrice Today (1/7) is a special day at OMandP. It’s Joyce “Marie” of Odelia, Marie, & Patrice’s birthday! 🎊 ...
  • The Beauty in a New Year

    Beyond Resolutions & Goals Photo Credit: Evie Shaffer At the start of the new year, we often immediately declare resolutions and goals. In th...
  • Your Ultimate Gift-Guide For This Holiday Season

    Photo by George Dolgih | Graphics Added by OMandP Believe it or not – gift exchange, giving/receiving, and the holiday season in general are not me...
  • 5 Ways to Prioritize Self-Care Amid Social Angst

     Photo by Taryn Elliott It’s difficult to continue to read the same words recycled time and time again as we “navigate” and “cope” during uncer...
  • Sustainable Beauty is a Racial Issue

    Today’s beauty industry is contributing to racial inequities in climate change without conscious awareness.  Photo Credit: Ron Lach   Every year,...
  • Happy Odelia Day! | July 9th, 2023

      Perhaps one of my favorite events of the year (outside of Juneteenth) is Odelia Day! You may wonder, ‘what is Odelia Day?’. It’s a day (well, ac...
  • Juneteenth 2023: Cheers to Freedom & Decadence

    This year, in addition to our special edition Juneteenth 2023 collection (pictured below), I am sharing an extra special message about the importa...
  • Black History Month 2021: Paying Tribute to African-American Soapmakers during Slavery

    During this Black History Month (2021) i'd like to pay tribute to African-American soapmakers during the era of slavery (1619 - 1865) in the United States. Although there are many artisans and soapmakers of color that have thrived from slavery until now, there is limited spotlight on the history and contributions of slaves in the field of soap making.