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Current Plan

The OMandP Origin Story


I started Odelia, Marie, & Patrice during a particularly stressful time in my career as a professor. In my academic career, I was an advocate for DEI in the field of public relations and the silent backlash, microaggressions, and discrimination I felt as a result left me with intense anxiety–waking up with my chest tight at times. I found solace and refuge within myself by creating a self-care routine that consisted of prayer/meditation, yoga, and skincare. I started ordering handmade skincare from all over the U.S. and I couldn't seem to find the right textures and decadence I hoped to access in natural and non-toxic beauty. 

So, in 2019, I began to formulate my own.


Photo of Candace Making a Batch of Soap in Summer 2020


In the process, I created a company that pays homage to the lineage of women in my family who’ve all contributed to the self-care industry in some way. Odelia, being my grandmother's middle name, sold Avon and taught me all about soap types and how good soap should feel when I was an early teen. Marie is my mother’s middle name, who started a nail company when I was a child but closed the company after two years to focus on raising her children. Patrice is my middle name, given to me by my mom and approved by my grandmother.

The name also pays homage to those in my family not listed in the name, like my great-grandmother who also made soap. For many reasons my ancestors did not have the opportunity or economic advantage to pursue the beauty careers they dreamed of. Odelia, Marie, & Patrice (OMandP) is the manifestation of all of our dreams combined. Asè. 


Photo of Joyce Marie (far right) Gladys Odelia (bottom left), and Candace Patrice (top left).


OMandP is an activism-forward eco-luxury self-care company that champions preservation of self and preservation of the environment through beauty & aromatherapy products. Roughly 120 Billion units of beauty/cosmetic packaging are produced every year and much of it becomes pollution within our environment. Considering that pollution accelerates climate deterioration and that Black and Brown people already suffer the most from climate change, OMandP is helping to change this crisis by providing an emotionally enhancing self-care experience that is plastic negative and fights against environmental erosion.

In that process, we promote the enhancement of our customer’s healing and self love journey so they have peace in knowing their self-care practices are contributing to a larger mission of environmental justice and equity in sustainable beauty. 


Fun Watch: OMandP's 2022 Crowdfunding Pitch Video


About the Author

Candace Parrish, Ph.D. is the founder of Odelia, Marie, & Patrice–a vegan and sustainable self-care brand in Elizabeth City, North Carolina–and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Public Relations at the University of North Carolina–Wilmington.

Contact Information

Email: Candace@OMandPatrice.com

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