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Your Ultimate Gift-Guide For This Holiday Season

Ultimate OMandP Gift Guide ImagePhoto by George Dolgih | Graphics Added by OMandP

Believe it or not – gift exchange, giving/receiving, and the holiday season in general are not meant to be stressful! We’ve got you covered so you can kiss the days of last-minute holiday shopping goodbye.

Sometimes it is not the gift itself we are unsure of – it may just be the needs (and/or wants) of the person we are purchasing or creating the gift for. Helping you organize this will get you over that initial stage of being overwhelmed. Follow our tips "for the loved one that..." likes something unique, tailored, and special below.

For the loved one that…… 

Has the most elaborate skin care and hair care routine you have ever seen. This person is typically who you get your beauty tips from and you’re probably thinking they should model for some of our branding shoots (you never know, right?) because they have completely mastered their self-care lifestyle to the point where how could it not be a part of their personality?! 

Himalayan Bamboo Tin Wooden Wick CandleHimalayan Bamboo Wooden Wick Candle by OMandP

For setting their vibe and reminding them of you every time they light this soothing and light scent that transports you to a cozy luxurious cabin in the Himalayan mountains. Bonus points for lighting this during your bath/shower. You can grab a Himalayan Bamboo Candle here: Himalayan Bamboo Wooden Wick Candle. 

Rose Clay Artisan SoapRose Clay Artisan Soap by OMandP

One of those soaps where you instantly feel like you are in a movie during a glow up, self-love, about-to-finally-live-for-you part of the movie. Spoil your loved ones (yes, that includes you!) with this creamy, fabulous bar featuring rose and white kaolin clay: Rose Clay Artisan Soap.

For the loved one that……

Seems to be the workaholic we thought we wanted to be in our early adulthood. They’re likely on their computer often and you typically catch them checking or responding to work emails during your dinner dates. If someone popped into your head (yourself included!), do them the favor of getting the quality body care essentials you know they will not be purchasing themselves in order to treat themselves a bit. 

Whipped Body Butter TextureWhipped Body Butter by OMandP

Whipped body butter is a spectacular gift that your loved one will cherish after their shower routine. Smelling good is one thing but smelling good and having moisturized skin is unmatched. Think about this as the gift that keeps on giving. This investment is beyond worth it and this may be another one of those times where you get one for yourself too as a reward! Add a Whipped Body Butter to cart for your loved one today!

For the loved one that…… 

Reminds you of home. A notification from this person can turn around and brighten your day in an instant. Show your appreciation with a santal and coconut wooden wick candle. Give the gift of cozy and homecoming that fill us up the most during this time of year! Get your hands one of these special candles here: Santal & Coconut Wooden Wick Candle .

Santal & Coconut Tin Wooden Wick CandleSantal & Coconut Wooden Wick Candle by OMandP

We hope this guide helped point you in the right direction to spread some love and eco-luxury cheer on both you and your loved ones this holiday season. 

 Citrus BundleCitrus Lover's Bundle by OMandP

#BONUS: Stock up now so you are starting off your new year prepared with back ups and your luxury line-up is ready to go! Until next time, be well & decadent!

Sending our best wishes to you and yours this holiday season, 

Nachel & the OMandP Fam! <3

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